Monday, 28 March 2011

30 day challenge - day 1 (:

A picture of yourself & 10 facts. 

1. I have trust issues, majorly. In my life, i trust 1 person completely. 
2. With my blackberry, i'm nothing. 
3. I love my horse :) Sydney
4. I have a very low self esteem .. 
5. I let what people say about me bother me way too much, way more than i should probably
6. I wanna travel the world
7. My friends always help me through everything & i don't know where i'd be without any of  'em <3 
8. I hate Facebook, even though i'm addicted to it
9. I have a hard time letting people in
10. I hate judgmental people, liars, fakes, preppy lil bitches, players, backstabbers & two faced hoes 

Live a little

In my opinion, if you're a follower; your future isn't gunna be the greatest. You shouldn't live to please the people around you, be yourself, after all - it's your life. Who are they to tell you what you can & can't say? Who you can & can't be friends with? How to act? How to dress? What to do? No one but you makes the decisions in your life. Well you're parents might have some say but yeah, that's besides the point! If you're lucky enough to be different than don't ever change. Lifes waaay too short to follow the rules of others or live up to them. Dream big. You're your own person; you're unique - show it off.